Italian kitchen designs in Dubai; elegance at the forefront

Italian kitchen designs in Dubai

Are you spending a lot of time in your kitchen? Still, dreaming of that lovely kitchen design? You’ve surely heard about the most famous Italian kitchen designs in Dubai, rest assured that it’s always your top choice, so go ahead and drool over Febal Casa’s unique collection. Italian manufacturers are the most exquisite skilled craftsmen in the world known for making high-end, functional and elegant Italian kitchens, and several years ago started to benefit from technology through constant innovation to offer what’s always special! The Italian kitchen is already a fantasy, the coolest of all kitchen designs. But you have to do a lot of research to find the best company capable of creating defects – free Italian kitchen designs in Dubai tailored to your limited space, taste and needs.


You’ll soon discover that Italian kitchen designs in Dubai are your ideal choice!


Italian kitchen designs in Dubai are varied between modern and classical styles. Famous for its high quality and in addition to being elegant, they’re adding a charming touch to your interior.


Many ladies choose Italian kitchen designs because it reflects a smart and chic decoration appearance.


Italian kitchen designs in Dubai


The Italian kitchen designs in Dubai and worldwide continue to focus largely on overall aesthetics and ultimate harmony. Especially if you have an open kitchen facing the living room, it will be necessary to double the storage space so that everything is in its place, the food, the kitchen appliances in addition to electrical equipment used for cooking, all must be neat. 


When it comes to colour selection, the Italian kitchen designs adopt warm colours inspired by the South, it also adopts the audacity and elegance of black and grey. You’re free to incorporate accessories with the same colours for a timeless aesthetic.


Famous in the sector of Italian kitchen designs in Dubai


Febal Casa is a historic Italian Design brand, founded in 1959, this valuable well-known brand is associated with the Italian kitchen designs in Dubai and is the manufacturer of a wide furniture collection from living rooms, chairs, tables, bedrooms, cabinets and many more. Our whole collection features unique style, solid, high-quality and practical designs. Febal Casa is now positioned on the international market as one of the most important in the sector of Italian kitchen designs in Dubai. 


Our kitchen is the best Italian kitchen design in Dubai combining tradition and innovation at the same time. Thanks to a wide range of shapes and the best materials on the market: wood, aluminium, porcelain, stone, marble. It is accompanied by state-of-the-art sanitary equipment, platelets and high tech equipment. Sustainability has always been a principle that we adopt and cherish at Febal Casa, not only for the environment but also from an economic and social point of view. It’s visible at all our work stages, from planning to designing, production and installation. We respect environmental standards in all countries and our aim is to make the final product sustainable, by improving its environmental performance through innovation, which is present not only in the product itself but in the working methods as well.


We offer you many kitchen styles at Febal Casa. Find out their characteristics in terms of practicality and aesthetics so you can easily choose the style that suits you. We’re mentioning some of these styles below:

Modern kitchen: novelty in terms of design and functionality. It’s increasingly needed by families looking for a modern interior. These simple and practical kitchens consist of modern cabinets, extensive storage space, and innovative technology. Modern kitchens are often equipped with typical furniture and modern colours.


Italian kitchen designs in Dubai


Island kitchen design: The kitchen here has a great central island that can be used to prepare food as well as cooking.

Stylish kitchen: open kitchen with modern cabinets.

Italian country kitchen: Here the wood is king. This kitchen features a maximum of wooden touches, containing traditional-looking wooden cabinets and an island of wood with a marble surface.


There are a lot of Italian kitchen designs in Dubai, but our kitchens are unparalleled.


At Febal Casa, we are experts in creating customized kitchens made especially for you, along with a big showroom to inspire you and help you make up your mind. The space is not the same everywhere and the kitchen shapes vary from one place to another, but our team has got your back, no matter what space you have we will make what’s best for you. Thanks to our experts, you can choose the sizes, shapes, materials and colours, as well as the doors, tanks and even the island’s height. Look at your kitchen in detail from all sides, enjoy a preview of your kitchen design using our 3D design software, our consultant will also give you an estimated cost. 


Creating the perfect Italian kitchen designs in Dubai!


Our experts are always ready to help and guide you step by step in the developing process of your kitchen.

Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of our team’s experience to get the kitchen of your dreams.
Get to know us better and have a look at our wide collection by heading to our website   or by visiting our showroom No 1, Beside Emarat Petrol Station, Exit 40 – Al Marabea Sheikh Zayed Road between 3rd and 4th Interchange, 4067 Dubai (United Arab Emirates). 


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