Modern High End Furniture in Dubai for your dream home.

high end furniture design in Dubai

it’s necessary to redesign your house from time to time and add some high end furniture to your space.


Home decoration is an interesting tool that can influence our mood. Studies have shown that the interior design of the house is capable of changing your mood, and even being able to control your feelings like happiness, depression, and romance


So you finally made the decision and you want to change your furniture? Or moving into a new house and looking for high-end furniture in Dubai, special and out of the ordinary? There are so many stores available on the market that it’s hard to choose between them, but the most important and fundamental criterion is quality.  There are two kinds of furniture: high end furniture design with fine colors that overlap carefully, and the wood used in it is solid and robust and can be stored anywhere for years without worrying about color changes or wood damage. The second type is the new furniture, it’s cheap and made from bad materials and that makes it difficult to store. We find a lot of this type surely because the cost of living is so high and most people don’t want to spend a lot on good quality.


high end furniture in Dubai

Want to shop for high end furniture in Dubai but you have little experience?


It’s going to be hard for you to tell the difference between low-quality and high end furniture design in Dubai but here are some tips that will improve your shopping experience.


How do we identify high-end furniture in Dubai?

Quality: Each piece of high-end furniture is made manually, characterized by luxury, tenacity, and longevity through the use of ores and raw materials resistant to the passage of time and the luxury materials used such as leather, marble, hardwood, copper, etc. High-end furniture is therefore of quality and conforms to international standards.


Design: lots of high-end furniture in Dubai made of this stuff! Alternative materials, such as plastic and steel, or even metal, are often blended into high end furniture design, mixed nicely into the heart of marble or wood. For example, these materials are not expensive, but when they are added into designs they make it incredible especially when they are designed by famous designers.


Price: it remains an indicator of the value and quality of furniture. The best materials, the finest designs, the aesthetic of furniture, the famous names that designed the pieces. Even if you don’t have experience in this field, you’ll be able to distinguish between normal furniture, which is just a beautiful trend, damaged in the first period of use, and the fancy furniture that the eye adores.


high-end furniture design

What criteria should be taken into account when purchasing high end furniture in Dubai?


Focus on aesthetics: Are you a fan of the contemporary style or do you prefer everything that’s classic and old? You can even mix styles but the most important element is harmony and eye-pleasing homogeneous decoration. Note that the high end furniture reflects the quality and adds prestige to your home.


Think of your needs: apart from the aesthetic of furniture, think of your needs. Why do I need it? Is the furniture suitable for my lifestyle? You should choose furniture that adapts to your needs. It’s also possible to order custom-quality furniture, tailored to you and the appropriate size of your apartment.


And finally, don’t forget the standard of comfort! Contemporary design or furniture is often more aesthetic than comfortable. It is important to find a balance between style and comfort.


Febal Casa creates timeless high end furniture in Dubai.


Under one roof, we offer a huge collection of high-end furniture, featuring living rooms, sofas, armchairs, poufs, tables, chairs, and more, all are made of Italian quality with different colors options. Our high end furniture satisfies all tastes and covers all aspects of life. 

Febal Casa’s mission is to add a magic touch to your house, whether it’s a small apartment or a palace, a place where you are proud of its intimacy and beauty, and to bring comfort and relaxation, thanks to high-quality products, designs, and harmonic colors that go hand in hand with the latest fashion that the client notices from the moment he enters our store.


We also have a team of trained sales advisers to respond to customer queries and help you select the appropriate items that fit each customer’s lifestyle. We also have another team that provides post-sale services.


No need for a long speech, you will feel the touch of luxury when visiting the Febal Casa showroom. We await with pleasure the opportunity to serve you!


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