ROMANTICA. A reinvented classic knows how to keep in step with the times. The new Romantica design was created to allow the sophisticated combination of past and present values, winning over those who appreciate a classic style, without being traditionalist, through the fusion of materials, finishes and colours that express personality. The project contemplates a new and versatile lifestyle: lavish more than luxurious, rich, but in moderation, elegant yet discrete, iconic and never trivial. The result are kitchens designed for homes throughout the world, representing authentic inspiration through a new way of furnishing, timeless and limitless. 


Customisation makes itself at home

The curved elements, a sophisticated and luxurious stylistic feature, are available for end modules of base and tall units. 

Design without limits

The free-standing Steel stove is technological, sturdy and fits flush to the base units thanks to the height-adjustable feet. 

Making the most of spaces

The framed end modules of the base units allow you to gain extra space in the kitchen as well as maintaining a consistent style. 

Make your mark with the details

The plinth and cornice feature decorations that reflect the classic spirit of the model. 

The elegance of glass

The polished glass is a signature feature of the model’s glass unit doors. 

Statement features

Functional furnishing accessories with a classic style for the island area, such as the ceiling utensil rack. 





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