The Modula collection portrays a kitchen, made up of unique items, technological details and innovative finishes in a design featuring unlimited possibilities and compositions. Elegant settings for seamlessly integrated kitchen layouts to be enjoyed every day. 


Eclettica handle

The Eclettica handle features an elegant, minimal design: it is available in both a smooth and knurled finish with three different supports: open or closed support and knob. 

Doors with Handles

The hallmark features of the Modula collection are the doors with handles, a detail that injects character into the kitchen. Elegant handles, with finishes coordinated with the metal frames and plinths, are the outward expression of the ultimate classic door opening systems in a kitchen, presented in a new guise with a highly visual appeal. 

Over carcase

A new carcase with 78-cm high doors combined with the 8-cm high plinth, which ensures greater storage space and enhances the look of the kitchen. 

The worktop, which is 63 cm deep, makes the work area highly functional.

Tower block

The Tower block comes as an add-on element to the island base units or linear composition. 
It is slightly higher than and extends out from the worktop creating a functional area with a highly aesthetic appeal.

Integrated induction hob

This innovative integrated induction hob allows you to cook directly on the porcelain stoneware worktop, combining a minimal look with durability, strength and cutting-edge technology. 

Open units

Every open unit is designed to fit seamlessly into the kitchen, with finishes and materials coordinated with the model. 


The Daily open units have shelves fitted with metal profiles in Champagne, Nero and Anodised aluminium finishes. Above, the 59-cm deep tall unit version has 2 sets of drawers in the same finish as the door, plus vertical LED lights on two sides. 


The Bay vertical open wall unit has a shaped black metal sheet frame and shelves in a variety of materials and finishes. 





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